Friday, August 10, 2012


Second poster revealed : Hady Zaccak

Hady Zaccak is a Lebanese Filmmaker and a professor at IESAV film school (Saint-Joseph University/Beirut).
He has a Masters degree in cinema studies and film directing from IESAV, and has taken part in workshops for film directing, editing and production at FEMIS (Paris-1996), INSAS (Brussels-1999), HFF Konrad Wolf (Potsdam-2007).
He is the author of a book about the history of Lebanese cinema entitled "Le cinéma libanais: itinéraire d'un cinéma vers l'inconnu" (1929-1996)"(Dar-el-Machreq -1997-Beirut).
Since 1997, he wrote and directed more than 20 documentaries, which have been broadcasted by several TV stations in Lebanon, the Arab world and Europe, presented/awarded in several film festivals worldwide.

Selective filmography:

"Marcedes" (2011) (Best Arab Documentary awarded by FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics)-Dubai International Film Festival 2011/ AlJazeera Documentary Channel Award for Best Long Film-AlJazeera International Documentary Festival-Doha 2012/ 2nd Best Documentary Prize-2nd International Meeting for Arab Cinema-Nabeul,Tunisia 2012/Discover Our World Award -7th Monaco Charity Film Festival, Monaco 2012)
"Taxi Beirut" (2011),
"A History Lesson" (2009) (Golden Hawk (1st prize) - Arab Film Festival-Rotterdam 2010).
"Sunni Echoes from Lebanon" (2008), "Shi'a Echoes from Lebanon" (2008), "The War of Peace" (2007) ,"The Oil Spill in Lebanon" (2007) (1st prize- European and Med Festival on Sea TV, Italy 2007), "Refugees for life" (2006), "Lebanon through cinema" (2003), "Beirut points of view" (2000), "1000 & 1000 nights" (1999) (Best documentary award-Docudays-Beirut 1999)…

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